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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Mitsubishi Electric's involvement with Photovoltaic’s (PV) dates back to the 1970's when it was providing inverter technology for satellites. Delivery of large-scale central PV inverters got underway in the 1980's and module production began at the Iida factory in the 1990's. PV production volume was 220MW in 2008 and will reach 600MW in 2012.

In 2009 a dedicated PV Division was introduced in the UK as an integral part of the company’s Green Gateway Initiative, which asks all of us to question the energy we use in our built environment to find ways of reducing consumption and minimising carbon emissions.

The Green Gateway Initiative, which was developed by Mitsubishi Electric in the UK, is a wider part of the Corporation’s ‘Environmental Vision 2021’ initiative. This makes commitments to reduce CO2 emissions from product use by 30% by 2021 and expand development of power generation that does not emit CO2, such as PV and nuclear. The Mitsubishi Electric Group set 2021 as the target year in order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the company’s founding.